Tuesday, October 4, 2011

small Tartan Plaid Wreath

Handcrafted, 6 inch round, patchwork tartan fabric rag wreath. Hanging this is a unique way to add some winter and holiday color into your home. Because of the size, you can hang it in a variety of places; on the wall, front door or on a door knob. This wreath was created using a high quality, authentic tartan fabrics. The tartans include Black Watch, Royal Stewart and MacIntyre. The tartans used are an assortment of popular plaids that you frequently see it used in wool blazers, jackets, hats and scarves as well as for curtains and home furnishings.

Particular care was taken in making these rag wreaths. Each of the wreaths are carefully constructed and can take anywhere from 2 hours to create. Each individual piece of fabric was cut, tied on and trimmed off using pinking shears. The wreath will lie flush against the wall. This wreath hangs from 2 coordinating grosgrain ribbons. There is a solid, hunter green, wide ribbon and a royal stewart plaid ribbon.

If you are looking for a traditional, yet unique, wreath to use this holiday and winter, one of my tartan plaid rag wreaths may be just the piece for you. Hang them on a door or over a mantle. They also make fabulous birthday, holiday, and shower gifts! Use them indoors outdoors as well under the protection of a covered porch out.

size: 6 inch round wreath
colors: red, green, navy blue
hanging: This wreath hangs from a ribbon tie.

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